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One thing that happened in Serpent's Song that was disturbing was Daniel in a nyah nyah fuck you moment told Apophis that his baby was not taken by a rival Goa'uld faction but by Daniel himself. This was incredibly stupid as even though he thought Apophis was dying Apophis's ultimate fate was in the hands of the government and they could have chucked him through the stargate at any time. So he's just let Apophis know that his son is a whole lot more findable than he thought.

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Secrets: If Daniel had brought Shar'e's child back through the Stargate, then Daniel would be stuck supporting a child that wasn't actually his. He'd have to spend his government salary buying toys for the child of Apophis,
The thing is if he wants Sha're that is the way it will be. She's not going to give up her child just so Daniel doesn't have to deal with the issue of his wife having a child by another man. From what just happened in Serpent's Song I don't think he's thought this far at all.

If MY wife had a baby conceived against her will by another man I would extend the love I had for my wife to the child, an innocent who while not being mine was the beloved of the woman I loved. Daniel had better get his head around this matter.

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