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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

Does it matter that TOS

clearly diffentiated between sub-light and faster than light travel and propulsion systems
spoke of the need for artificial gravity
clearly pointed out 'Earth-type' planets as being the focus
reffered to space in 3 dimensions when plotting course
referred to nebulas, black holes (stars), quasars
clearly spelled out the difference between our galaxy and other galaxies
created a beautiful funtional (looking) bridge for each specialty--nav, helm, engineering, science, comm..
showed plauible looking med tech--hypospray, biobeds, hand held med scanners
spoke of the difference between carbon life and possible other types

Yeah, I think it made a huge difference.

Now if the characters or stories stunk--those things wouldn't mean much and sure they dumped science logic sometimes to tell a compelling story or sometimes out of laziness or ignorance, but it was way better than the science and show before or shortly after had.

Really.... a nuclear waste dump ignites and propels the earth's moon on a faster than light journey thru deep space????
And they can either steer the moon or they just happen to pass incredibly close to various planets as the hurtle thru space? That passed for 'science fiction' in the 1970s?
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