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Re: Is SF in a state of exhaustion?

Random thoughts while reading the article:

* Ah yes, W.B. Yeats' dig at those mean communists.
* Nobody uses 'Moslem' anymore. Speaking of retrograde attitudes...

And while interesting the broadness of its premise (SF currently is exhausted) is largely restricted to a single short story anthology, however influential it may be. But then I frankly don't read enough SF, or enough current SF, to have that fair a sense of the market.* It's certainly true that fantasy has a bigger slice of the market an - as observed - it's got its foot in the Nebula door, these days.

*I do have a couple of books - Redshirts, The Hydrogen Sonata, chiefly - from this year I intend to get around to, though. Those are very space opera, however, and the former is satire, so that's neither here nor there.
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