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Re: Intrepid Class Bridge (Sketchup)...

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Great job!

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I've done some 3D games design and modelling in the past, but what you have done is mind blowing, well done!

What sort of time frames are you talking about for designing a piece of those? For myself its weeks at a time to get anything decent right.
The whole bridge is about 4-5 months work now, granted its been a bit on and off though, but yeah it takes a long time. The biggest challenge is that I'm having to do everything from screencaps with very few reliable measurements to work from. So half the time I model something, then down the road it doesn't line up with something else right and I have to bin it.

Here's 2 quick renders of where things are so far, I've only just started Tom's console so that's very rough at the moment...

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