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Cherington has the manager he wants, and a roster with a MASSIVE amount of financial flexibility.
Just in time for the worst free-agent market in years.
True, and I hope they don't blow this new found flexibility on Hamilton or Grienke.

The guy inherited a roster that while talented, wasn't working, due to injuries, regression, what have you, and had NO flexibility, if they are trying to stay under the luxury tax. He got out from all of it in the Dodgers trade, and even got two good pitching prospects back.

You keep acting like Cherington has acted like a moron for his first year as GM. Yes Melancon did not work out, but the thought behind the trade wasn't bad. Lowrie was a constantly hurt but talented hitter, and Weiland wasn't anything special. Similar with the Bailey deal. I liked Reddick, and thought he was a good player, but no one saw the kind of year he had Oakland coming. And Bailey got hurt, which was a concern when we traded for him, but shit happens. I won't say that Cherington has been great but he hasn't been the moron you keep saying his is. If he was doing what Reuben Amaro was doing by just adding more and more payroll to fix the problem, I'd agree, but he didn't.

We haven't gotten to see what kind of team he would build because he was so stuck with the contracts Theo left when he high tailed to Chicago. He was forced to work within the confines he was allowed. Now however, its all on him. He has everything lined up how he wanted it, with an open checkbook. If he screws up now, he has no one else to blame, but lets see if he does.

The 2013 Red Sox will not be build in FA, cause as stated, it sucks. I could see them chasing one of the other starters on the market, such as a Haren on a short term, high money deal. I feel they're going to rebuild using trades, and wait for it...waiting for some of their younger players do develop. For the first time in a few years, there is a group of guys developing who could be next wave or prospects to make a major impact, like Papelbon, Lester, Buchholz, Pedroia and Ellsbury did between 2004-07.

This team is in a much better position now, then it was the day before the Dodgers trade.
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