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Oh- lighting just has to be done on these big models though- eh? They just beg for it.

I'm making my own using the lighting system from the old Ertl lights and sounds TMP kit that I had in a box. I bought some fibre optics and will be rigging it up for some simple lighting.

Is the bridge part of the kit proper, or is that an add on cost?

Have you built any kits? I can't recall if I've seen you post any here...
Hey, yeah I build models. I haven't posted many. The second kit I ever built when I was eight years old was an AMT 18" Enterprise. I have only posted two projects on this board. The first was a 1:1000 PL Enterprise which was waaay back in 2007. That old thread is resting in the hope of a glorious Resurrection over here:

I noticed the last post was one week before I met the girl I married, so that might explain why that project wound down. We've since gotten divorced and now I'm getting back into modeling. I did use that not-quite-finished model in some model photography experiments back in the day as well. That can be found here:

My current project is super-detailing an old MPC/Ertl Millennium Falcon kit and that thread can be found here:

But, yeah, I've been building models forever and have dozens that I just never bothered to photograph.

Check out my website:
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