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Re: Warp Drive May Be More Feasible Than Thought, Scientists Say

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Hell, it's even mentioned in Brookings that scientists and engineers would be the ones to really freak out....and given the egos and arrogance, which is probably higher than those of rock stars and pro athletes, I can easily see that.
You don't know many actual scientists and engineers, do you? (Says the aerospace engineer.)
The astrophysicist agrees.
I wonder what it is he is characterizing as "arrogance," anyway. Could it be that he posits his wild speculations, they tell him he's "wrong," and so he simply concludes they are arrogant?

To me, this is probably one of the worst aspects of the Internet: that complete hogwash can be listed in search results alongside credible scientific research, and that fact leads certain people to conclude that facts are a matter of opinion, and you just get to choose which facts you accept as true--and then they are the truth.

I understand the conspiracist's worldview. It's comforting to believe you've got it all figured out. It's the same sense of satisfaction people get from religious belief. You "know the truth," and the others are just blind. It's okay that they don't believe you, because you will be proven right in the end. And anything that comes along to challenge this worldview, you can quickly assimilate or reject without questioning any of your underlying suppositions. You build this internally consistent house of cards out of cherry-picked data and anecdotes, and it all makes sense, because you've tossed out everything that contradicts it.

To me, it seems a lot like a mental illness.
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