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Re: The "PLEASE remaster DS9 thread"

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Though as far as I read,i some of the modesl used in Way of the Warriror, where the ones you could buy in a shop. As most of them where going to get blown up.
Yeah, they built the plastic model kits, packed them full of glitter and explosives, then filmed them as the blew up.
Yep, those $20 ERTL models were probably pretty handy for quick and cheap ships to blow up.

It might be nice to update some stuff, as they did for episodes like "The Ultimate Computer" and the "The Doomsday Machine":

First and foremost, replacing some of that stock battle footage from "What You Leave Behind", if only so that the new Defiant doesn't read NX-74205.

Speaking of that registry, You could even even go back for some episodes and change the NX on the older Defiant's hull to NCC, as they did with the Excelsior.
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