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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Self Inflicted Wounds Part 2 (Farscape) - This was a decent episode, although overall this two parter has been just ok. I wish it had been jar Jar who died, not Zhaan, but atleast it was a purposeful death. The orange haired woman is really annoying. Maybe not Chiana annoying, although she is very close. I don't think the orange haired woman will stay on permanently. Hopefully the show will go atleast two episodes before there is another "We need to abandon Moya/No, abandoning her would be wrong" episode

It really does suck to see Zhaan go (and not just because it means more screen time avaliable for Jar Jar). She was a good character. I hope none of the other members of the original main cast die off. That said, with my luck season 4 will just be Jar jar, orange haired woman, and Stark (who isn't anywhere as bad as them,he's actually a decent character but I'm getting sick of his crazy spells) traveling around, with everyone else dead.
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