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Re: Has JJ Abrams ever watched any star trek episodes or movie?s

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if j.j. wants to make "nu-trek" more like star wars eps 3,4,5 & 6, i'm fine with that if it means star trek will remain relevant to the next generation of movie goers. episodes 1 & 2, no thank you.
Abrams couldn't make a movie as bad as the SW prequels if he tried and Paramount wouldn't let him. The badness of the prequels is an unusual case that happened only because Lucasfilm is still a privately held company, with just one guy in charge, which allowed Lucas to blow millions on utter dreck, without any adult supervision. All the other Hollywood studios are public corporations, and nobody is allowed to run totally amuk.

A director working for a corporation with shareholders to answer to would have been slapped into shape by the bean counters before that happened. Bean counters may push movies to be unimaginative and cookie-cutter, but even a cookie-cutter mold will impose a certain level of competence in terms of plot and character. Even the most derivative Hollywood dreck is not total inept nonsense. Only Lucas is allowed to make movies that bad.

(However, with adult supervision, Lucasfilm can produce some reasonably good stuff, which is the case now with The Clone Wars. Obviously Dave Filoni has figured out how to control his boss and stop him from inflicting more garbage on the cosmos, hooray for him! )
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