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Re: The Borg in JJverse

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If they're going to bring back the Borg, they need to be treated with respect. If they're supposed to be so fearsome, the writing needs to validate that idea, not undercut it.

Starfleet cannot be allowed to beat them except under very unusual circumstances, ie, the writers come up with a way for Starfleet to be astonishingly clever about it. And even then, this should happen rarely.

And assimilation is P E R M A M E N T. No more go-backs, no wiggle room. Allowing characters to be de-Borged just because they are main characters really undercuts the Borg's credibility.


Yeah that just about covers it.
A self-defeating prescription.

If you make the borg have no chinks in its armor, it'll utterly crush the federation. No amount of 'clever' can overcome the HUGE advantages - in terms of military technology/intelligence and numbers - that the borg enjoys - without said chinks in its armor.
The implausibility will become that it somehow fails to bitch slap the federation on an ongoing basis; more than enough to break the suspension of disbelief.
The writers' job is to make this plausible, that's what they're getting paid for. If the Borg are going to continue to be wussified, then its best to ignore them. I just outlined the problem, it's not my job to come up with a solution. I know it's not an easy problem to solve without recourse to some silly contrivance like Q puts up a magic barrier to stop the Borg.

How about using the possibility that Founders cannot be assimilated - and Jem'hadar who are assmilated can be starved of k-white, which the Borg cannot manufacture - to make the Dominion the only power immune to the Borg? Which creates its own interesting problems for the Feds, out of the frying pan and into the fire...

As for the Queen, the problem is that she was invented to have some sexy babe harass Data in the movie, and it really had nothing to do with what makes the Borg interesting, namely their inhuman-ness.

They should be too indifferent to humans to bother creating a puppet with which to communicate - the way the Borg "communicate" is by assimilating your ass! - as as already mentioned, Queenie acted more like a individual than a puppet anyway. And why use the same puppet all the time? The Borg could assimilate a crew member and use that person as a puppet, that would freak the humans out real good.
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