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Re: The Micro Machine sets

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I used to play with these all the time when I was a kid. I'd line the ships up and make little fleets.
So did I, though in partnership with my action figures, so that I could jump from interior to exterior

I always wanted to get the Enterprise-A, then in the later releases all the really cool looking alien ships and the Pasteur, but unfortunately I never could find them. I would get them from eBay, but they're stupidly expensive for a toy so I'll just live with my happy memories.
Each set, I think, was progressively harder to find. I'm certain on the first set was available in Canada.

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My memory isn't the strongest here, but I think it was around 1997 that Star Trek's popularity began losing steam, and as a result, the Trek Micro Machines were dropped. Which is a bit of a shame since at this point Trek really began delivering new ship designs which could have kwp the line thriving had the sales been there. Hell, they could have done a special set devoted to the ships of First Contact alone.
'96 might've been a high-point for Trek. Worf had just joined DS9 the previous year, Voyager was still on, it was the 30th anniversary, and an exciting movie was coming out. Still, it doesn't seem like popular dropped off THAT quickly.

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Some of my best childhood trek memories was when we went to get our christmas tree one year, my brother had the Enterprise D, I had the Enterprise B, and we'd play with them all the time, still have that B, -1 nacelle. I've collected as many as I could though as a few years ago they were really cheap on ebay.
Yeah, a number of mine from the first set ended up in pretty rough shape: The Enterprise TOS, A, D, and Excelsior all had their saucers break off. With the TOS Enterprise, it still fits back in the slot, but the others, you gotta physically hold together. The "A" is probably in the worst shape: So many botched gluing attempt left the saucer not really fitting with the rest of the ship, and there's some scary-big cracks in the nacelles.

Early on, one of the nacelles on the Reliant came off (I know what you're thinking, but it was the WRONG nacelle! ) Eventually the other one came off too, but both can still be fitted back into place.

Set II is in much better shape, because I was older when I got that, but whoever made it did a sloppy job with a couple of them: With the saucer-separating Enterprise-D, the "neck" is seriously sticking out of the secondary hull, and the phaser ring on top of the saucer is totally from where it should be. I hardly ever did anything with that one, just because it looked so bad.

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Oh the micro machines, I loved those while i was a kid. 2 weeks ago at NYCC i saw the infamous 3rd set for 45 bucks and snatched it up immediately. My childhood dreams came true when i grabbed that thing!
Is that envy I feel? Yes.
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