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I'm not on the list, but I fully intend to get one of these when they hit retail. I'm gonna get all the accessory packs too, with the possible exception of the weathering decals, as that sort of thing is simple enough to do by hand. But the PE parts pack and the lighting kit both look cool. I'm not equipped to manufacture my own PE stuff and I don't know enough about electronics to seriously consider designing my own lighting scheme.

Oh- lighting just has to be done on these big models though- eh? They just beg for it.

I'm making my own using the lighting system from the old Ertl lights and sounds TMP kit that I had in a box. I bought some fibre optics and will be rigging it up for some simple lighting.

Is the bridge part of the kit proper, or is that an add on cost?

Have you built any kits? I can't recall if I've seen you post any here...

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Patrick, your birthday is November 21? So is mine! I'll be hitting the big "five oh".

Congrats on your birthday and the kit. You have an understanding wife. I'm left to my own resources if I want it.



50, eh? An early happy b-day to you! That's a big number! And good to hear that someone, 50, is still into this stuff!! Gives me hope that I won't grow up. I'm going on my late 30 something or something. I don't pay attention. I'm too busy refusing to act my age.

I'm pretty sure I like my dogs more than I like most people I meet.
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