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Re: Speculation: Must the villain be Gary Mitchell, or... ?

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At the top of the cover, on the left, enlarging the image, I saw a shadow of a ship (I think so), a nascelle and a disc, but itīs not like the Enterprise. Can anyone see this or itīs an illusion?
I don't see it...

I just watched the TOS episode Where No Man Has Gone Before and it dawned on me that this picture appears to be a man, I presume Kirk and or Mitchell, with a ripped Starfleet uniform, just like it was ripped in that episode. Am I alone in that opinion?

I definitely agree. The shirt is torn exactly like it was in the episode with the neck ring intact.
Ships? Shirt rips? Heh.

Well okay....I stand corrected, however, I still think it will be Gary Mitchell, and if not him, the villain will be Soran. Soran is getting back at Kirk because Kirk helped Picard stop him...even though they're all still in the Nexus.
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