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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

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Well Newtype Alpha, I'll go ahead and argue that an SLS supported moonbase as an ABM and ICBM platfom is critical, just because you're having so much fun shooting fish in a barrel.

Side note: The military at one point argued for a moonbase for nuclear ballistic missiles, until they realized that such missiles would only strike two or three days after the war ended and couldn't possibly be recalled, so conning them into a premature launch would itself be a a goal, making them the most expensive and useless weapons in the history of warfare.
Interestingly, the Pentagon did a study a few years ago examining potential strategies in the event of a war with a rogue lunar colony, including the technical, legal and political implications of nuclear and conventional strikes on those colonies and possible retaliatory measures.

The DoD sure loves their wargame scenarios.
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