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Re: Who would you like to portray the 12th doctor?

Actually, wasn't Tennant 39 when he left in 2010, now that I look him up on IMDB. Though he was only 34 when he started as the Doctor, and hat's what I was referring to, was age of casting, not necessarily age when they left the role. Eccelston, though, I didn't realize was as old as me (In fact, he's a month older), so thanks for pointing that out. I hope the younger crowd keeps that in mind if they do cast a bit older again. Couldn't believe when a couple 20 something folks, at different times, have both said Pertwee "Is so Old". Jeez folks, watch the character, yes, the face is a bit older, but, the character is an action Hero, just like 60+ year old Jean Luc Picard
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