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Howdy. So I'm posting in TREK ART because it's Trek Art to be...

I just found out my wife is on the list for the 1/350 TOS Enterprise! She wants to get it for my b-day on November 21!!!!

I only know because she never heard anything after getting on the list, and the actual release date is sketchy.

I saw one dude on YouTube with one already. Has it been released to the people on the list yet?

Sure I can look it up- but I'd rather actually interact with people on some level.

Anyway- so this should go nicely with my in progress 1:350 TMP Enterprise! There's an existing thread on that- I've kind of stalled on it because I have no place to keep everything layed out for the build! AHHH!!! THIS WEEKEND SHALL BE DIFFERENT!

Anyone else doing any builds? It's been kind of slow here lately. I feel my Google SU has stalled from lack of self inspired creativity. Physical models are lacking too- FORBIN- Where ARE YOU?!?!

Anyway- Keep on Trekking!

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