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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Finished issue 20 yesterday and again fantastic. The pace is picked up a bit as Batman and Superman continue their fight against Prankster and Fries. Lois' continued investigation hits a snag as she tries to help out Clark, and Ollie and Chloe attempt to hack into Lex's satelights in an effort to most likely prevent Lex's continued tracking of Clark. Batman decides to help Superman whom is dying from the Kryptonite bullets that were shot at him in the previous issue (just as he himself freed himself from Fries's ice blast) and wants to study the Kryponite. We see the Batmobile (which actually looks like the Batmobile from Morrison's Batman Inc) along with Green Arrow aiding Lois. The issue concludes with Lois chasing the Batmobile on a motorbike! They all think Batman has taken Superman rather than wanting to help him.

This was tremendous, and Chris Crosses art continues to improve which each issue he has worked on, just as Ingle's has. Really looking forward to next issue. Also there was an amusing conversation between Ollie and Lex and Luthor's expression as he mentioned his conscience This is just great stuff.
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