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Re: exterior surface markings of Kirk's Enterprise

We can see the cavity - it isn't a mushroom shape.
We can see the cavity of indefinite depth, which perfectly allows for a mushroom shape.

Anyway, why would there be a cavity in the first place if the dome didn't have a stem? Any hatch should be flush with the outer hull, surely, if what was ejected was just a dome terminating at said hull.

"Optimal" thrust is required since the pod put the ship in danger.
Naah. The pod is to be ejected using a single burst of thrust. There's no reason to optimize performance, when there are more important things to consider, such as reliability and safety. Generous overkill plus angling of thrust is the way to go.

The thruster could have been easily centerline and at the base of this "pod". Finney would just crawl in from the sides if it were an internal configuration.
I have some trouble figuring out how this would work. What could be internal about the pod if it doesn't have a (fairly long) stem?

I call bullshit on your bullshit
Hmm, it seems I didn't actually quote what I wanted to comment on. The visuals may be "unclear" and all, but there is no room for interpreting that the intent was to show an explosion.

Of course, intent doesn't count for much in in-universe terms. But intent cannot have been to show an explosion as opposed to an ejection. Hell, the dialogue establishes an ejection, so any screen time sacrificed to showing things like this has pretty high odds of describing an ejection...

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