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Re: exterior surface markings of Kirk's Enterprise

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There is no reason for this on the "ion pod/light bulb"
Sure there is, if the pod is of a mushroom shape: the stem would have to be protected.
We can see the cavity - it isn't a mushroom shape.

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Naturally, flames aimed directly and exactly aft would also produce that pattern, while the explosion of the entire thing never would (unless it exploded in four spots near the rim and not in any other spots). But a slight vectoring out would be an obvious engineering solution that would cause a minimal reduction of net forward thrust in a one-off system that didn't need "optimal" thrust in the first place.
"Optimal" thrust is required since the pod put the ship in danger. The thruster could have been easily centerline and at the base of this "pod". Finney would just crawl in from the sides if it were an internal configuration.

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The episode doesn't tell us and the FX isn't clear either.
Bullshit. Author intent is obvious, and contrary insistence is just some sort of a... Disturbance, I guess would be the polite word.
I call bullshit on your bullshit Where does any dialogue point to that "damage" as anything other than "damage"? The FX at best looks like an RCS thruster pattern, at worse, just part of the "considerable damage". The rest of it you're just applying completely outside-universe knowledge that it was suppose to be the ion pod.

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There weren't many ships with an "underside" to begin with, so probably not.

Could the movie-E, have the hatches but they just were not painted?
Only in the sense that the TOS ship had torpedo tubes - they'd be completely invisible, seamless, holographically hidden, whatever.

Was the airlock hull plating on the underside of the saucer marked off?
Apparently not in paint. Certainly not in the DE computer reproduction, but probably not in the original, either. At any rate, all traces of such marking were gone by the TWoK repainting. AFAIK, the only paint markings worth noting (apart from the pennants) were the greenish highlights on the sides of the connecting neck, the phaser turret and RCS attention colors, plus the flight deck patterns.
So you might be on to something and those markings have no bearing on actual hatches.
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