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Re: Any old timers still around?

{{{{{{{Auri}}}}}}} Long time no see!
And I recall Sakrysta from TerranBBS. It's nice to see so many old names again

Sorry, Bonzie, I really didn't mean to cause hard feelings. She just vanished so very suddenly. There never was an official statement or explanation, whenever someone asked, they would get an evasive reply and so the rumours flowered. I was simply curious about the truth (or at least the official version).
After more than a decade as both a tech and general admin on several other boards I wholeheartedly agree that admining a big board is not an easy task. Sometimes, when provoked, one has to fight one's darkest instincts in order to stay fair at all times and not to abuse the powers one is given. It takes a strong personality and an ingrained sense of honour and justice. I would even recommend a minimum age of 40 since in my experience young admins lack the experience in life that gives you the moral and emotional strength required for the job.
And a certain amount of gallows humour makes the work easier, too

In both respects you have an advantage over your predecessor.
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