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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

The Fifth Race: This is great title for an episode. It intrigues, you just know something important is about to happen. As O'Neill was first conversing with the Asgard at the end of this episode I felt like I was having a Stargate conversion experience, my fandom levels ROSE and the words "gosh this is better than Star Trek" passed through my mind. While much of that was about the suspense and the arc planning not a small bit of it had to do with the amusing awesomeness that is O'Neill. Mid Asgard discussion I was thinking, "imagine if I was trapped on this Asgard planet with O'Neill for years and we were the ONLY humans and.."

And just because I know everyone wants to see more of Janet here is a short haired pic from The Fifth Race of the little wide eyed doctor:


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