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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

A Matter of Time: This just in! Dr. Janet Frasier has cut her hair super short and it is adorable.

A timey wimey episode with what appeared to be actual science (or near as) rather than technobabble. It fooled me anyway.

Hilarious exchange before the crisis commenced:

O'NEILL(whispering) Look, I know I should know this by now. I swear it'll be the last time I ask. These wormholes we go through, they're not always there, right?

CARTER (keeping her voice low, too) No, sir. It can only form between two open gates.

O'NEILL What's with the worm part? The worm thing. I-I don't get that.

CARTER That's just a metaphor.

O'NEILL Right. I knew that.

"Damnit Spock. God damnit!" Kirk ST:V
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