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USS Brattain - Zaheva
USS Pegasus - Pressman
IKS Hegh'ta - Kern
USS Excalibur - We've only seen Riker in charge.

For Extra Credit --- from a few questions back "Who wore a Red, Gold AND Blue uniform"

Thomas Riker (Red on the Pegasus, Gold on The Hood and Blue on the Gandhi (after being demoted)).
Correct. Your turn.

When did TNG show Thomas Riker in Gold and Blue?
We actually only saw Thomas Riker on screen in Gold.
Right. So the answer is still no one.

I don't remember any picture of him in blue on ds9... and it wouldn't count anyway since it was a tng question.

No major character on TNG has ever worn red, blue, and gold uniforms. I don't think any extras did either but not as sure about that.
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