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Re: Power of the Federation

The old shibboleth about "no warp Romulans" is a misinterpretation of Scotty's line about "simple impulse", which referred to the ship's power source, not a lack of FTL capability.
...And regardless of whether that single ship had FTL or not, the Romulan Star Empire clearly knew the secret of FTL flight at that point. It actually sounds like a bigger feat to make a cloud of plasma pursue the enemy at high warp than to make a solid starship do the same!

any ship(s) to ship(s) battle would come down to who made the decision to engage in combat first, and then whose computers, weapons, and defenses were faster.
But only if the weapons were sufficiently destructive. Yet it appears that it takes several minutes to do any serious harm to the enemy even if one is firing constantly and aggressively - shields prevent lightning-fast solutions to battles. There's plenty of time for the (hu)man(oid) in the loop to ponder how to react, or even whether to react; many threats can simply be ignored.

In "To The Death" Dax suggest to a Jem Hadar to get some sleep, and he replies they don't sleep, and don't eat either.
Yet we have seen them eat. So they might just be brave and stoic about not sleeping, either. Perhaps the thing about no Jem'Hadar women is a lie, too?

Timo Saloniemi
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