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Re: Warp Drive May Be More Feasible Than Thought, Scientists Say

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Hold it, PAL. Your entire post is negated when you did the paranormal investigator response. Just because someone studies the stuff the mainstream won't touch does not make that person stupid or a kook.
Never claimed it did. I meant exactly what I wrote: that the only relevant piece of information in your post was you identifying yourself as a paranormal investigator. The entire rest of that post was you attempting to JUSTIFY your paranormal interests in light of the attacks you expect to receive.

Considering this is a science and technology forum, this is a bit like going to a Christian message board and announcing "I am a Secular-Humanist." You could go on to write another 600 words describing your religious beliefs, but they wouldn't reveal anything that wasn't made extremely clear in those first four words.

And I won't take seriously an organization like NASA first because they can't even convert metric to English, which is too stupid to be stupid, and the fact we've done nothing but go in low earth orbit for 30 years
Really? What have YOU accomplished in space for the last 30 years?

and the fact we got the Brookings Report saying we'll all go crazy and kill each other if we find alien life or evidence of it....not what I'd call them having done better research...
Since the Brookings Report doesn't actually say that, that sort of illustrates my point about research quality.

from past experience, when someone outside the mainstream puts up evidence that can hold up in a court of law, the mainstreamers and naysayers will shout 'tinfoil hat, conspiracy theorist! LOL!"
Actually what they say is "We find the defendant not-guilty," since that's usually the kind of evidence that's presented in a court of law.

Please bear in mind, science-themed message boards are NOT courts of law, and neither are pop-sci magazines. Paranomal Investigators get the reputation they have BECAUSE they are constantly claiming to be derided and/or threatened and marginalized by mainstream science.

From MY personal experience, they are NOT derided or marginalized, they are simply IGNORED, because no one in the mainstream thinks they know what they're talking about. You should also bear in mind that this is something paranormal investigators have in common with about 90% of mainstream scientists. Theoretical science IN GENERAL is a pretty cutthroat affair.

so I can put up reams of actual data and documents till you are blue in the face...
Out of genuine curiosity: would any of that be original research? Or would that be hyperlinks to paranomal websites you personally find credible?

And with regards to the stuff like the ancient aliens theory, our ancestors were not stupid, they simply had not the words to describe what they saw
And you never once considered the possibility that they DID have the words and described it exactly as they saw it?

used words like metal bird, metal dragon, flying shield, etc.
Exactly. Why, to you, is a "spaceship" a more likely explanation than any of those things? Especially considering the writings themselves may have been intentional fabrications? (The concept of "fiction" was known to ancient peoples too, methinks; entertainment CERTAINLY was).

I mean, hell, even a metal dragon -- or a heavily armored one -- hints at a recently-extinct reptile species. Aliens, not so much.

And for the paranormal investigator 'title', what you want me to call myself
A paranormal investigator.

Because anything else would be just confusing.
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