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Re: Romulan Klingon War

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Not every nation declares full-out war upon another. Some conflicts are short, small-scale affairs in areas of disputed territory. I don't think even the Klingons declare war without first weighing the pros and cons.
Except the Klingons seem very trigger happy in the past, why did they declare war on the Federation?
Because they likely had more to gain going against the Federation during TOS. In comparison, the Klingons probably had more to lose fighting the Romulans in the post-TOS/pre-TNG era.
What are basing though, why would a war with the Romulans be less costly then a war with the Federation. Plus doesn't the Klingon Empire not declaring war on the Romulans after they murdered 4000 of their citizens make them look really weak and wouldn't the Klingon Empire not want to appear weak?
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