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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

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So the phaser mounts on these beauties seem to be analogous to the Kelvin, with TMP-style twin mounts supported by CIWS-type turrets under the square hatches of the saucer. Has any thought been given to the type of fire we'll be seeing in combat? Some linkage between what the Kelvin showed and the blue beams we'll ultimately see on the TOS Enterprise? Has tobais built these models with the turrets underneath as well? That'd be some fantastic detail on the final product!


We take inspiration from all aspects of Star Trek and try to decidedly NOT look like the JJverse. So we have changed a lot on each ship. Sadly, we will NOT be using the Kelvin, since it is 100% JJverse. Originally it was to play a big part in the Battle of Axanar.

Although two of the ships are similar to the JJverse, they are also similar to a lot of ships from non-canon sources. There are only so many ways to build a TOS ship! The engines and the roll bar on the ships are 100% Tobias as are the Torpedo pods and shuttle bays on the smaller ships. We keep going about changing things to make sure they look Prime Universe.

As far as the Phasers, they will be 100% Prime Universe. So expect phasers to fire exactly like in TOS. The pulse Phasers of the USS Defiant are over 100 years away! And again, we aren't copying JJverse's short burst phasers.

This is firmly Prime Universe.

I still submit that there are THREE standard phaser options based on what we have seen in TOS and TOSfilm. There is STREAM - the long continuous phaser beam we've seen time and again. There is PULSE - the fast short pulsing phasers that we've seen from WOK. There is BURST - the single orb shaped phaser blast seen in a handful of episodes.
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