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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

114. Tomorrow Never Dies (B)

While buying Moonrise Kingdom on a visit to FutureShop, they had a few of the new James Bond Blu-rays there (in addition to the huge set) for $9. I got this, which I'd seen before, but not in many years, as well as On Her Majesty's Secret Service, which is rated as one of the best but I've never gotten around to seeing it.

Anyway, I'd say this is a pretty decent movie, though not as good as I remembered when I saw it in the 90s (much younger then, was I). The Brosnan films (the first three, anyway) had really good villains, and Pryce's Carver is a lot of fun. Most of the one-liners are horrible, but then, that's Bond for you; there's probably a tone about halfway between this and some of the grimmer parts of the Craig films that would likely be ideal for the franchise. There are a number of examples of mid-90s CGI that haven't aged especially well.

The best thing about the film is (as, I remembered) Michelle Yeoh's ass-kicking Wai Lin, by far the most useful Bond girl the franchise has ever had. If she and Brosnan had any real sexual chemistry, she'd be easily the best; as it is, she's an awesome partner for 007, but they don't exactly light up the screen, so she'll have to settle for being one of the best.

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