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Re: Warp Drive May Be More Feasible Than Thought, Scientists Say

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I really don't think you appreciate the distances involved.
I am going to say this once, since all this will get is either tinfoil hat jokes or cheesy pictures with infantile captions for some cheap lol factor.

I am a paranormal investigator.
That pretty much sums up your entire post.

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wow, you really, really got something against the idea of life out there, and being more advanced than us, don't you?
it's not "life out there" that people are questioning. It's "aliens have/are visiting the Earth" that people are questioning. Those are two COMPLETELY different premises that have almost nothing to do with each other.

All I am saying here is that just because someone with a title or a position in authority says something, it is not necessarily true.
Everyone knows that already. The problem is you continually fail to apply this same standard to yourself: just because YOU have the title of "Paranormal Investigator" doesn't mean your theories are any more valid than those of mainstream scientists. However, what sticks in the minds of a lot of people is that you appear to be positioning yourself in direct opposition to people who have done better quality research than you, who have spent more time studying the subject than you, who organize and support their data better than you, and by all other accounts they appear to be smarter than you.

Perhaps that's unfair to you, or perhaps it's just unfortunate. Perhaps it merely obscures the fact that you, the non-expert, have noticed something obvious that the experts have somehow missed. But science doesn't have a handicapped parking space; if you have a fundamental disadvantage, then you DO have to work that much harder to provide hard evidence for your claims. Continuing to whine about how nobody takes you seriously is simply a waste of energy.
Hold it, PAL. Your entire post is negated when you did the paranormal investigator response. Just because someone studies the stuff the mainstream won't touch does not make that person stupid or a kook. And given that many of us are being listened to via alternative media in radio, books, television, internet, etc, we seem to be taken seriously, just not by some, is all......we're now in an era where CNN and FOX are not your sole sources of information, anymore. And I won't take seriously an organization like NASA first because they can't even convert metric to English, which is too stupid to be stupid, and the fact we've done nothing but go in low earth orbit for 30 years (that's not exploring space in my the Curiosity landing made huge news because it's the first thing since the moon landing in the space programs that actually did something new and exciting in the past 3 decades, though we need more ,especially since robots don't make good role models for future generations, and let's face it, role models are an endangered species these days) and the fact we got the Brookings Report saying we'll all go crazy and kill each other if we find alien life or evidence of it....not what I'd call them having done better research....oh, and from past experience, when someone outside the mainstream puts up evidence that can hold up in a court of law, the mainstreamers and naysayers will shout 'tinfoil hat, conspiracy theorist! LOL!" (but then again, seeing how people are supposed to be expected to behave in post 9-11 America, where you do what you're told and shut up, the name callers are not often the sharpest knife to begin with), even, like I said, when the evidence/proof is I can put up reams of actual data and documents till you are blue in the face, but, dealing with this before....most are unwilling to read anything more than a few paragraphs long (unless it's something littered with innuendo and toilet humor), and some people to even try. And even guys like Buzz Aldren, who were there, are talking about this stuff, now.

And with regards to the stuff like the ancient aliens theory, our ancestors were not stupid, they simply had not the words to describe what they saw (they did not have 'space ship' or 'rocket' or 'alien' back then) and used words like metal bird, metal dragon, flying shield, etc. I find it ironic that so many cultures that date back to ancient days are more willing to discuss this topic than NASA, government, and apparently some fans/nerds of a certain sci-fi series. Double that since they also seemed to have scientific/mathematical/astronomical knowledge long before western culture had, and seemed to have more knowledge than even what would be considered today's educated man.

And for the paranormal investigator 'title', what you want me to call myself, and no, "tinfoil hat wearing, conspiracy theorist, lolz!" is not going to be that, either, thank you.
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