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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I hardly had any books this past week so I went back and got Sword of Sorcery #1&2 and as a back-to-back read enjoyed that as much as I had hoped. Looks to be an interesting type of fantasy world they have set up.

I've never read the original 80's material or any follow up so this was my first solid intro to the characters and the environments. I may not have gone for the "main line" of heroes in this nu52 but I feel I did utilize the spirit of it by trying 85% characters new to me.

In the back up Beowulf, is that a character we should know or have a clue to? Obviously they wanted us to see that the "Iron Trolls" were stamped with WayneTech. This is an apocalyptic scenario where society has essentially had a reversal it seems, back to the 14th century type lifestyle.

Between some titles being cancelled and me trimming back on others overall I've enjoyed my nu52. I'm only just getting some of the TPB's now for the first superhero books though.
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