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Re: Any old timers still around?

Loved Jammer's reviews, but got them from this website not vice versa. I'd like to say I remember how I found this website, but I really don't. I surfed through a lot of Star Trek websites since the late 1990s (you know, geocities, a melange of personalized individual fan websites, midi downloads and lists of how Wesley could die and why Kirk is better than Picard) and I assume one of those must have eventually led me here.

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Have you always had the Wixiban avatar? Seems like every memory of your posts has a Wix image attached to it.
Nope, I got a Wixiban avatar when I first came back. When I left there weren't any avatars yet.

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No stalker nutjobs to mock/avoid.
Do not miss that at all. Maybe a bit of nostalgia for the intensity of the Star Trek arguments (I had no idea people disliked Voyager that much before I came here, and well... remember "Endgame" and how J/C and D/7 fans felt about C/7?), but I can do without that.
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