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Re: Warp Drive May Be More Feasible Than Thought, Scientists Say

wow, you really, really got something against the idea of life out there, and being more advanced than us, don't you? Something tells me you'd be thrilled as hell if we are, however unlikely, in fact alone out here.

And as I said, that 5-10 percent represents a large number of what ca not be balloons, meteors, swamp gas, military projects, and so on.......and what is left, however improbable, least to the close minded, has to be the answer. And, the folks who say show me the proof what's out there....I got a few questions.....what proof will it requite, how much of it, and also, I ask you to prove to me there is nothing out there, which can not be done any more than me proving to you there is something. Like with the megalithic structures from ancient times and the mainstreamers getting angry when even suggestions the idea the ancients were helped, especially considering the actual process of cutting huge pieces of dense, hard stone like durrite, which you need a diamond to cut it with (and not diamonds in those regions many times), and then carry it across some really harsh terrain with hills, valleys, and water...and then to lift them up and fit them into position with precision, without the aid of modern techology, and in a fast time (to build the great pyramid in the time they said it took, you'd need to move one block into position every 9 to 10 seconds) Give me real proof they did that.....same with the SPhinx, it's at least twice as old, but the mainstreamers say no, but won't offer proof themselves, despite the fact there's water erosion on it. I say the same for both alien life and FTL travel, gimme proof they don't exist. The mainstream folks need to realize they gotta do it as well. And given that so many people today (especially in non english speaking talk to the Hindus of alien life and we being visited, they go "Yep, and not tell me something I don't know") believe in ET life and that we been visited, both now and long ago, and openly talking about it, and government trust at an all time low, maybe there's something to it, yes?

And the idea of them being on the whitehouse lawn is just as arrogant as saying there's nothing out there. Thing is that politics and greed pretty much is what says what advances we make, be it propulsion, energy (you really think big oil will go, "So, you found a new, better energy source than us?! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! We shall proudly step down and and move aside so we can begin a new era of clean, better energy! Doubt it. Same with Mon Santo, a company infamous for its actions, and the president hired one of its top dogs to be on the FDA, in the height of times where Europe has made strict labeling laws for GMO food, as well as banning it in some countries, and with a majority of Americans demanding similar label's not a coincidence that nothing has been done, so far, and the mon santo guy being put on the FDA.....that's like hiring the drug lords to be in the government to fight the silly and pointless war on and power talk, not people's wants and needs these days), medicine, and all that. Just look at the mess of the world we are in, and they can be solved with technology, used right, but politics and greed gets in the way. I mean look at Tesla, he was on the verge of free, clean, and safe energy, but JP Morgan and Thomas Edison (Edison was a business man first and an inventor, second) pretty much did everything possible to destroy both Telsa and us being free from the energy trap we are in, today. If not for politics and greed, we'd be probably another century ahead in technology right now. If you think I am crazy, Eisenhower warned us about all this after he left office, plus as much as I hated Reagen, he did say one thing I agree with, and there was 'The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.' And if you got scientists working for the government, they are not going to do what's right, they are going to do what they are ordered to do, mainly because even though they might be smart cookies, they don't wanna risk their paychecks, pensions and maybe their own safety in trying to do the right thing. Same if they work for a big corporation. Of course they are gonna say what the bosses want.

All I am saying here is that just because someone with a title or a position in authority says something, it is not necessarily true. Even guys like Einstein himself spoke about stuff like that, hell, he came from a government infamous for that.
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