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Re: The trouble with trailers for 3D films.....

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Also, we're talking about a Teaser Trailer, and Teaser Trailers often don't have any actual footage frm the Film, so, if that's the case, if it's just going to be a Logo, and a Voice over, and maybe some reused footage from the First movie, I wouldn't expect that to be in 3D.

First full trailer (Possibly with The Hobbit?) yea, maybe it'll be a 3D trailer.
I think you have to contextualise what this film will be, promoting it with a 3D trailer, whether its teaser or not, is an unparalleled opportunity.

I think they'll go with SFX shots like TOS opening titles where the Big E flies towards you at speed, that sort of thing, a Starfleet emblem in space that has depth never seen before etc etc.

I haven't been to see a 3D film where there weren't 3D trailers, hence I ask again, what's coming out in the near future in 3D because that's where the trailer will likely be.
I admit I am not an expert in marketing, but I would think they'd also want to advertise to the audience sitting in the 2D theaters, as some of them may be interested in the 3D aspect for Star Trek, but not the film they're currently seeing in 2D.
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