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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I am confused by what happened to Tiny Tim. I am not sure what I saw. I saw something attack him, Was it a hand, or was it a head? He is diagnosed as being bitten, so it would have to be a head. Yet, it didn't look like a head. Like I said, it's not clear to me what happen.
It was a hand. He ended up with a pretty bad scratch.

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How does the group get water in the prison? Our water system is powered by electricity.
There's a river a short distance from the prison.

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That certainly wasn't what I was expecting from all the talk of the prison from the comics. Did they jettison a lot of it, or is there a twist coming?
Other than some missing characters in the survivors' group, these first two episodes aren't too far off from early comic events at the prison. It's too early to say if anything will be jettisoned, because the group was at the prison for around thirty-six issues.

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An unknown someone however is watching Carol as she was practicing doing a c-section on that Zombie corpse. So I think there is more drama to come in their stay at the prison with outsiders.
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