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Re: Who would you like to portray the 12th doctor?

While I've enjoyed the young Doctors of late (and I think Smith feels like one of the oldest ones, strangely enough), I think an old Doctor was so much a part of the show's feel for its first 11 seasons and I'd like for them to bring that back at some point. I'd vote for either Bill Nighy or John Hurt.

I'm also a big enough fan of Tom Hiddleston & Linus Roache that I'd watch them in just about anything. (I've got a huge man-crush on Michael Cutter, as you might guess from my av.)

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If a previous actor came back to the role I think he'd have to play it in a completely different way, which would probably negate the point of bringing him back!
Mark Gatiss has made the serious argument that Peter Davison should return to the role now, because he'd approach it in a completely different manner.
I definately think Davison is better now in the audios then he was back then.
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