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Re: Warp Drive May Be More Feasible Than Thought, Scientists Say

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I really don't think you appreciate the distances involved.
I am going to say this once, since all this will get is either tinfoil hat jokes or cheesy pictures with infantile captions for some cheap lol factor.

I am a paranormal investigator, I have witnessed many amazing objects in the sky that the conventional explanations can not satisfy (in fact a good 5 to 10 percent of the UFO's in the many released documents from many countries, except America, as usual , which is a large amount in the tens of thousands of cases when you think about it), and with the discovery of more and more stars with planet around them, as well as the fact that our own solar system is very much brand new, those other worlds can have civilizations out there millions, if not billions of years ahead of us, making our state of the art technology look like prehistoric junk. And what's not to say that faster than light interstellar travel is not possible? Just because we can't do it, does not mean another species out there can't. That's like the height of human arrogance right there, that we, supposedly, are the highest, most intelligent forms of life out there. Those objects reported, and many I have seen myself, are moving in ways already breaking physics as we know it, and I could see them covering vast distances like we would be hoping in a car or jet and going to another state or county. And science is about more learning, and the willingness to throw away what was once considered the answer with a new one, and being open minded to these things, without acting like some spoiled brat or arrogant prick.......or saying whatever the guy paying them wants.....since, unfortunately, politics and money follows science on its coattails anywhere it goes. This is my own hunch, but I think both faster than light travel and discovering alien life will devastate a good chunk of mainstream scientists because that would mean what they were preaching would be wrong and the guys they views as "The gods of science, and don't mess with them!" would actually become just normal guys again. And they themselves would no longer be considered top masters of nature. Hell, it's even mentioned in Brookings that scientists and engineers would be the ones to really freak out....and given the egos and arrogance, which is probably higher than those of rock stars and pro athletes, I can easily see that.

Heck, just a few centuries ago, this was considered the mainstream, "true" ways of thinking, including science:
1: The Earth is flat.
2: Man can not fly.
3: Man can not go faster than sound.
4: Man will never reach the moon.

Tack on "We are alone in the universe" and "We can not move faster than light" to that list.

Studying history, I often find three stages in any sort of major change, be in science or political, that happen.
1: Denial
2: Aggressive hostility towards it
3: Acceptance

And talking to some of my friends in the Hopi and Zuni communities, as well as in India, it's only a matter of time before interesting things begin to happen.

I'm done, now, since I am sure I gave some of you some amusement and material for your cheesy caption pictures.
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