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Well that was surprisingly good. And I don't mean good by Merlin standards, but genuinely good.
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Ok second episode was fantastic!
Hang on a minute.

Is Merlin actually worth watching this season?

I watched a couple of episodes of its first season and quickly gave up on it being able to rise about a (admittedly, somewhat higher budget) kids show. Is it actually good now? Worth catching a VOD?
Season three and four were worth watching.

Not too sure about this year.

But if you built up the momentum, it's rough to put on the breaks.

I saw a sitcom yesterday where an idiot says to a smart guy "I don't know if you know this, but you know how you keep saying jumping the shark? Well, there was an episode of happy days where Fonzie ACTUALLY JUMPED A SHARK and it was excellent."


I saw this yesterday and I have no idea what it was from.

My memory is all Swiss cheese.


it was Troy to Abed in Commmunity


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Have you been on the cooking brandy again Guy?
Arthur comes back plenty.

The hilarious bit is that Lancelot is reincarnated as a girl and still goes after Guinevere sans penis. He's really angry about being being a woman in the future. Really really angry.

Then there's also Iron Man comics, Hellblazer comics and "almost" in Babylon 5 the actual tv show... There just comes a point where you have to admit that Michael York is a Ham who STILL needs thrity years bed rest from failing to keep up with Oliver Reed.


Arthur came back in Charmed too.

Piper kept Excalibur in her closet burried in an anvil for the last 2 seasons.
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