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Re: Typhon Pact: Should I keep going?

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I didn't really see Indistinguishable from Magic as a pure TNG novel
What does "pure TNG" mean?
An actual TNG novel I think, not one that just uses the name and has the Enterprise-(D or E) and crew show briefly.
And what does that mean?

Is "The Inner Light" somehow not a true TNG story because it only briefly features the Enterprise crew and has Patrick Stewart playing a different character most of the episode? Is "Soldiers of the Empire" not a true DSN episode because most of it focuses on the crew of the I.K.S. Rotarran? Is "Far Beyond the Stars" not a true DSN episode because it's mostly about Benny Russell? Is "Lower Decks" not a true TNG episode because it focuses on lower-ranking characters? Is "In A Mirror, Darkly" not a true ENT episode for focusing on the Mirror Universe counterparts? Is "Living Witness" not a true VOY episode for focusing on a backup copy of the EMH in the far future?

I just don't see how a novel about Geordi is somehow not a "legitimate" TNG novel just because it doesn't fit into someone else's idea about what a TNG novel ought to be about.
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