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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

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Trek TOS has stories like "The City On The Edge Of Forever," Twilight Zone has stories like "It's A Good Life" - and they only have to ring that bell a couple of times before all of modern Trek, Straczynski, etc. are out of competition notwithstanding the fact that I might know that in week 5 of season three of B5 I was going to get pretty much the same thing I got in week 4.
Horsecrap! Modern Trek has plenty of "bell ringers", and B5 is practically a carillon.
Gotta agree there. I bow to no one in my affection for TOS and TZ, but let's not fall into the nostalgic trap of assuming that everything was always better back in the good old days.

There's been plenty of classic episodes produced over the last few decades--on TNG, FARSCAPE, X-FILES, FIREFLY, nuBSG, LOST, THE WALKING DEAD, BUFFY, XENA, etc.
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