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Re: The trouble with trailers for 3D films.....

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I think we agree then, the OP statements:

Is not necessarily true.
I disagree, what's the point of going to all the bother of doing it with 3D in mind if you aren't going to promote it appropriately especially as most of those going to see it will see it in 3D?

To deny/dissgree with this is just lunacy. Is it a full moon tonight?

Not for another week, where I am.

Now, I don't have much experience with 3D movies, so I don't really know what the practices are concerning the showing of 3D trailers, but there do seem to be some variations from theater to theater, from chain to chain, or from region to region. I'm also not sure whether we can expect a 3D trailer for this movie right away, or perhaps sometime later in the promo cycle.

I do think, however, that insinuations of lunacy are probably best done without, even ones with the (at best-ambiguous) "guffaw" graemlin appended.
Sorry about the lunacy thing, no malice intended.
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