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Re: Trek 09 question..

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I don't think we can use past time travel experiences to try to predict what's gonna happen, or not, in this universe.

It's a different Universe, not an altered Original timeline. If it were an altered Original Timeline then 'timeline healing itself' theorem would make sense but because it's not the same Universe/timeline, why bother?
alternate universe, alternate reality and alternate timeline are all interchangable terms for the same thing.

The movie makes no mention of hopping universes, only time travel. Ditto the official tie-ins (particularly Watching the Clock, which goes into detail about how Trek's different types of time travel work)
We all agree the Mirror Universe was not an altered Orignal Timeline, correct?
That TPTB allowed at least two "branch point" mirror universe stories in the novels and comics, and William Shatner nearly starred in an Enterprise episode about the origins of the mirror universe, I'd say that's less than conclusive!

The phrase "alternate reality" which Uhura uses to describe STXI's timeline was first used by Mirror T'Pol in "In a Mirror, Darkly" to decribe Trek's Prime timeline.
Events in that Universe differ vastly from the Prime Timeline and we all agree those differences are normal for that Universe, no healing required so why don't we just see this NuUniverse the same way? It is one of thousands (or more) different Universes as shown in TNG: Parallels.
But it's not normal, that's the whole point. The film goes to great pains to point out that Nero's actions have altered history from what it should have been (TOS)

Frankly, IMO, any attempt to mold this universe into a clone of the original misses the point of the reboot.
That is true to an extent, but I'd say it's more an excuse for the writers to pick and choose whatever bits they liked and ditch what they didn't.
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