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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

I've been thinking more about the Red Sox today, and I'm starting to think there might be something more going on beneath the surface, because I'm not sure at all what their strategy is at this point.

They cleared a ton of money off the books in that Dodger trade by giving up Gonzalez to move Crawford; I think it knocks their guaranteed commitments in 2013 from $108 million down to $60 million. This upcoming free agent market is pretty awful in terms of its ability to fill their needs. I'm not all that convinced the Red Sox are going to re-spend all the money they just saved, considering that they continue to nickel-and-dime Ortiz with those one-year deals, which is eventually going to stop, giving the team another $15 - 20 million to spend (or not) in the market.

One could very easily theorize that ownership is getting ready to cash out soon, especially with owning a very costly soccer team which has been losing fistfuls of money as of late.
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