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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I just read this one. I bought it for 8 dollars and some cents. Thats an hour and halfs work. Now it was really confusing some times with all the qs talking, and about the eden and her uncles and all that. But it was enjoyable. Its too bad whats her face came back. I mean why does this even happen to Johnny the Security Guard or Romulan guard 3.
Eden going to where she goes sucks. much of what i liked about this relaunch is poof gone. And now its back to squares edge in a confusin sort of way. But it was great that I could half understand all that at all really. I liked the ships half in normal space and half in a blob of blackneess that was the best part. Didnt like storing ppl in buffers. That has me irritated for many reasons. Should NOt be allowed.

I am happy Chako got to hook up with that chick, he wanted to get in her pants for a while. Alot of things happen really fast in this book. And i am really confused about the uncles and thier whole purpose and story. what q can know and doesnt know. I dont know the rules they are playing by in this one and it makes it hard to swallow.
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