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Re: First view of SOTL 2011 Vertical Romulan Warbird

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Looking again at the wings, given that the warbird (D'deridex) has been around all this time, I was hoping he'd try something different with them here. Especially given how friggin HUGE this thing is...that big flat wall and the wings' overall simple design are would be an eyesore from a nearby shuttle.
Similar to looking at the hull of an aircraft carrier today from the deck of a small service boat up close.

The ship's still very interesting and I whole heartily agree with the overabundance of horizontal T-ships. The Ferengi, Klingons, Cardassians, Dominion - all got'em. Even the Romulans, but they had'm earlier, and come-on the D'deridex is one of the most beautiful and interesting ships in Star Trek history.
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