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Re: First view of SOTL 2011 Vertical Romulan Warbird

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Overall, I'm under-impressed. The wings are too plain and the head's...well...ugly. The gold deflector might have been cool, but the gold cheesy and the shape too simple.
Yep, I would tend to agree with you some, here. First, consider the size of this thing, MASSIVE. What would you expect to see there? Yes, I plan on revising that 'head' some day but for now, it is in some ways underimpressive. The deflector shape is pretty much the same as the standard Warbird's,... the 'gold' simply means that it's powered up.

The wings are too similar to the warbird's for me (why not just have them be horizontal if there's nothing else different about them?)
Look at today's aircraft. Small jet fighter wings are very similar to those of giant StarLifter cargo aircraft because they fill the same function. The Capitol Warbird's "wings" do pretty much the same as the standard Warbird's,... but with a LOT more room inside. Near the center-line you may notice four huge hanger decks for several wings (no pun intended) of fighters, shuttles, and transports. Why are these wings vertical? Asside from this Designer's cinematic reasons (documented before), it creates an intimidation factor,... size does sometimes matter.

Real (disappointing) lost opportunity here.

I hope you're not reading this, Mr. P
I really appreciate the honest feedback here. How else am I going to give people what they want unless I know what that is ???

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