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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

Thanks for the count. The Solitudes episode just mentioned SG-5. I feel like I'm filling in the gaps for the DS stations counting down from DS9.

1x17-Tin Man: I'm sure there is a good sci-fi episode to compare this to but once O'Neill opens his arm and I see servos I instantly just went TERMINATOR even though the theme of the episode is clearly not that. This felt like a filler episode as I'm not sure what was gained from it. The culture was long since dead. At best I'd say a team could be sent to learn from the data in the computers, maybe even go topside. It would be strictly a cultural study though and that isn't the main focus of the SG Program as we learned in the episode The Vox. Would be interesting to see the cyborg doppelgangers return at some point if only for a fake out death to full another enemy down the road. I also liked how the Gate opened in a building, just like our teams gate. Every time to date till this episode the Gate has been outside. Makes sense some other culture that had one would've moved it inside like we had.

1x18-Solitudes: Expanding on the fact the Gates were not Gou'ald tech and that it was possible the Gate system had been around for longer than originally thought made for a great episode imo. So if there are two Gates on Earth now where will the story go from here? That Antarctica Gate was functioning enough for incoming, I'm guessing it could be outgoing again as well? Also, Carter noted a cartouche she didn't recognize but was likely the symbol for "this world"(which was Earth) but she was essentially dialing home, hence the busy signal. So Earth was given a new cartouche at some point--to the one we know from the film? Interesting.
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