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Re: Why can't Latinum be replicated?

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Latinum is not a currency, it's a rare material, like diamonds.
Says who?
This guy does:

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Latinum is clearly used as a currency. It comes in different denominations! It's exchanged for goods and services!

It is never made clear what latinum is, though. Is it a resource that's mined? Is it manufactured? Is it even, against all fanon, exclusively replicated, because it's a completely artificial substance that only exists because of replicators?
If it could be replicated, it wouldn't have any worth.

Money can't be replicated because of serial numbers and other stuff. Yeah, you can print banknotes all you want, but it doesn't work. Latinum is a resource. The denominations are something like strip, bar and brick, it's almost a weight measure. Morn smuggled liquid latinum in his body, and was most wanted for it. That episode wouldn't work if it could be replicated. Heck, the entire relationship between Quark and Starfleet wouldn't work. The Federation has an unlimited supply of energy, they can replicate any shit they want. Starfleet officers would be kings. Klingons have replicators, Romulans have replicators, everyone has replicators. The Ferengi would be ruined. But no, there's an episode where Jake wants to get that Baseball card, and he has no latinum and has to beg Nog for it. Why didn't he just replicate a bar of latinum?
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