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Re: ROBOCOP remake finds its director and star

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To be honest, there's very little in the effects department that looks dated in Robocop. Hell, Starship Troopers looks even better than most modern CG. Given that Verehoeven started in the effects field, this isn't too shocking.
True, the effects are still fantastic, but I was referring more to the dated set design, costumes, cars (like that fugly 6000 SUX), etc.
It's kind of natural for it to be dated, though, because a large point of the design of RoboCop was to be satirical of the absurd excesses of Reagan-era corporate America. It's a product of its time. There was never any effort to make it look timeless -- it's only a rather unfortunate accident that Neumeier and Miner were oddly prescient about just how influential corporations would be in government in the not-too-distant future.

That's why I'm digging the design of the new RoboCop. Just as the original model was big, bulky and moved at about .2 miles per hour (like a lot of industrial engineering of the '80s), this new RoboCop is rather clearly inspired by the Apple era of industrial design.
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