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Re: ROBOCOP remake finds its director and star

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To be honest, there's very little in the effects department that looks dated in Robocop. Hell, Starship Troopers looks even better than most modern CG. Given that Verehoeven started in the effects field, this isn't too shocking.
True, the effects are still fantastic, but I was referring more to the dated set design, costumes, cars (like that fugly 6000 SUX), etc.

Design-wise, I'd say the only things that still hold up are Robo and ED-209.

Flying Spaghetti Monster wrote: View Post
I love the original film, the violence was part of the absolute glee and passion the filmmakers had for this story!
What I love about it (especially compared to today's bloodless action movies) is that it creates a real, visceral reaction in you. It may be exaggerated, but those bullet wounds still look nasty and painful as hell-- which is probably the way it should be.
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